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Outdoor activities Sklithro Florina Greece
Ιππασία Φλώρινα

What are we doing

  • Horse Riding
  • Canoe in Zazari lake
  • Mountain Bike
  • Trekking in the mountains
  • archery- climbing wall
  • Complex program of activities

Horse Riding

The rides they have a duration of a half to five hours, followed different.

EXPERIENCE: No experience or prior contact with horses is required. The horses used are fully trained to get in touch with beginners and children. The instructors will always be beside you, unless there is experience.

AGES: The appropriate ages at which you can get in touch with the horses and ride are over 3 years old.

SAFETY: Riding lessons and horses are absolutely safe. Horses are properly trained. Experienced track users can develop galloping speed.


The lake Zazari is small and is suitable for quiet trails with six-seater canoes (double canoes like catamarans), open from the top. Through the lake the view is magnificent! With Canoe can be enjoyed on Lake Zazari, watching the Cormorants and pelicans . You dont need experience or fitness.

Hiking and more…

Our day begins with a visit to the Information Center and Shelter of the Wolf. Our hiking activity will start one hour later. We will follow the Fishermans path and we will reach our destination, Lake Zazari, (2,5 km distance,1 hour with stops). We will then go mountain biking around the lake (4 km,45 minutes duration) Next, we will enjoy canoeing in Lake Zazari. for about one hour. Riding and arching activities, will take place in our farm in Sklithro in parallel, to avoid long waiting.

Mountain Bike

Artemis offers unique moments of relaxation and fun from a simple rides through the lakeside lakes of Lake Zazari to day trips organized to the forest areas around Ninfeo. Our company has 30 bikes specially built for use on or off the road, bicycles with appropriate specifications that suit your needs. Our carefully designed excursions will allow you to enjoy the breathtaking views, while surrounded by beech forest and oak. In order to participate in our activities, you must have basic fitness and cycling ability, comfortable clothing and of course a desire to have fun!